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Armor (Armour) Trim Duplication

You've been out on your travels and found a cool new trim but you now need to duplicate it to make your armor really cool, all the trims require 7 diamonds (ouch, maybe test out a diamond miner!) and a unique block, the colour of the trim should give you a clue but if not then this handy table should help you out.


TrimBlock Required
Netherite UpgradeNetherrack
Sentry Armor TrimCobblestone
Vex Armor TrimCobblestone
Wild Armor TrimMossy Cobblestone
Coast Armor TrimCobblestone
Dune Armor TrimSandstone
Wayfinder Armor TrimTerracotta
Raiser Armor TrimTerracotta
Shaper Armor TrimTerracotta
Host Armor TrimTerracotta
Ward Armor TrimCobbled Deepslate
Silence Armor TrimCobbled Deepslate
Tide Armor TrimPrismarine
Snout Armor TrimBlackstone
Rib Armor TrimNetherrack
Eye Armor TrimEndstone
Spire Armor TrimPurpur Block