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How To Import and Open WorldEdit Schematics in Minecraft

First off before we get into the guide, my recommendation is if possible use the litematica mod instead of WorldEdit for schematics, it's far more useful. If for whatever reason you can't and you want to user WorldEdit then this is how you download a .schem from abfielder.com and import it into your world.

Second, all files on abfielder.com are in the .litematic format, I am now testing a feature to convert .litematics to the .schem format automatically. Please be aware not all files will have .schem available.

  • Download the .schem file from abfielder.com
  • Make sure you have the WorldEdit mod installed and have run Minecraft at least once since adding the mod so all the folder paths are created. (How to Install Fabric and Fabric Mods)
  • Open up windows explorer to view the download, which is most likely in your downloads folder, you should see the downloads folder in quick links on the left hand side.
  • Right click on the file and click on copy.
  • In the address bar at the top of the explorer window navigate to "%appdata%\.minecraft\config\worldedit\schematics" please note this is the default path, if you have changed this then you will need to adjust the path accordingly.
  • Paste the .schem file into the above folder.
  • At this point launch Minecraft, if it was already open, close and relaunch it.
  • Press "T" to open the chat window.
  • Type "/schem list" and press enter. This will list all the available .schem files.
  • Next up you need to load the schematic e.g. "/schem load YUtZDToYv8-BIG_sucercane_farm.schem" The filename is whatever file you're trying to load. Hit enter.
  • You should get a confirmation that the schematic has been loaded into memory, at this point you won't see a render of it as you would with litematica.
  • To paste it into your world do "//paste"