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Which Gold Farm Should I Build In Minecraft?

Gold farms are one of the first farms many of us build within our minecraft worlds, an excellent source of XP and gold for your barter farms or for beacons and even decoration if you're after a bit of flexing. There are a huge variation of designs so picking the right one for your world can be difficult, here are 3 of my recommendations. All these farms should work in 1.16+ upto and including 1.20.2


Simple / Early Game


There can only be one choice in my opinion and that's Ilmango's donut gold farm, this farm has been around since around 1.13 (modified slightly) this must be one of the most copied farms of all time. Many “creators” love this farm so much they copied the design with barely a mention of the original creator. If you think shulkercrap created this farm think again. Whilst this farm might be a little resource heavy for early game (a lot of magma blocks required) it's completely worth the effort. For most games you may never need to upgrade on this farm.



Intermediate / Mid Game


There are so many choices for a mid game farm but I'm going to stick with a personal favourite of mine from the brains that is Gnembon this farm takes advantage of looting 3 meaning you'll get way more gold than you would with the ilmango design, it's a bit more difficult to build, requiring more layers, some redstone and turtle eggs, you'll also probably need to do a little spawn proofing beneath the nether ceiling to get this farm firing on all cylinders, I've never actually bothered to upgrade past this farm on any game as it provides all the gold I've ever needed!



Pro / End Game


I've yet to feel the need to build this farm yet but if you want an absolutely insane gold farm that produces 1650 gold blocks per hour then you should check out DashPump's design, absolutely nuts and it comes with both a looting and fully automatic version, it's unlikely you're ever going to need another gold farm! Just a word of warning on this farm, it will only work on 1.18+