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I'm having a problem with the website, how do I let you know?

At the moment the easiest way is to join the StrangeCraft discord or follow me on twitter and let me know on a tweet, both links are in the menu bar up above

What is litematica and how do I install it?

Litematica is a minecraft (JAVA edition) mod. You need to install fabric and litematica to be able use the schematics on this website, for a general guide to installing fabric and mods I have a youtube video here.

I'm having trouble using litematica, have you got any tips?

I've got a few tips, infact I have a playlist of litematica videos here.

I've got a litematic I'd like to share on the upload but I don't know who created it, what should I do?

Please upload it, the creator will be left as unknown, if someone comes along that knows who created the schematic it can be ammended later.

I can see a schematic that's got incorrect information, how do I report it?

At the moment let me know via discord or twitter (link at the top of the page) with as much information as you can and I'll look into it. I will be adding a report feature on schematics in the near future to make the process easier.