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Modular Cave Base v1.2 Updated December 4th

Designed By abfielder view their other litematics

Linked Schematics Cobblestone Farm (115k Per Hour DeReizeger Design) With Building Auto TnT Tree Farm (ShulkerCraft) Sugar Cane Farm Modular
Compat With 1.20, 1.20.1, 1.21
Tags Cool Building
Downloads 264
Notes This is the modular cave base system I'm developing during my hardcore series, it's a set of litematics that can be used to easily build a beautiful cave base. The pack currently contains; Farm - Bamboo (New) Farm - Bee Breeder Farm - Cobblestone (Derizeger 115k per hour) Farm - Honey Farm - Melon and Pumpkin (New) Farm - Tree Farm (Oak, Birch and Spruce by JacketPotatoXD) Farm - Sugarcane (TangoTek Modular design) Farm - Super Smelter 64 Furnaces (Modified Iskall design) Farm - Villager Breeder (New) (LogicalGeekboy design) Farm - Villager Breeder with Zombification Module (New) (LogicalGeekboy and Abfielder) Farm - Villager Trading Hall 60 Spots Room - Bedroom Room - Storage Tunnel - Corner Tunnel - Crossroads (I would recommend NOT using this any more) Tunnel - Crossroads Grid Perfect (New)(Use this in place of the one above) Tunnel - Crossroads UpDown Entrance/Exit (I would recommend against this for now and use the grid perfect) Tunnel - Straight Tunnel - Straight with 3x3 Door Tunnel - Straight with 3x3 Door Both Sides Tunnel - Straight DeadEnd with UpDown I will be updating this pack as new episodes come out with new rooms so keep an eye out. Update to V1.2 - 04/12/2023 New Litematics Farm - Bamboo Farm - Honey Farm - Melon and Pumpkin Farm - Super Smelter 64 Furnaces Farm - Villager Breeder Only Farm - Villager Breeder With Zombification Module Tunnel - Crossroads Grid Perfect Additional Notes I would recommend using the grid perfect crossroads instead of the old one. The old one isn't grid perfect so when using in combination with the corner piece you would have problems lining up tunnels if you want to rejoin. The grid perfect version fixes that. Historic changes are contained within the zip file in the changelog.txt

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