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Auto TnT Tree Farm (ShulkerCraft)

Designed By OccultGentMC view their other litematics

Compat With 1.19.4
Tags Farm, Redstone, Tree Farm
Downloads 5388
Dimensions X:21 Y:20 Z:14
Block Count 765
Notes Just a note, please watch the vid from 0:30 to 1:41 (the collection system). I haven't added this to the schematic since it would go underground and that could annoy some people if there is a huge chunk of blocks just to show the collection system. Thanks for downloading <3

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The lever by the door doesn't start the farm, not entirely sure what it's purpose is but I suspect that the reason nothing works is because you're using that lever. The lever to run the farm is by the bonemeal chest.

abfielder 10th Nov 2023 09:59

Maybe I'm not doing something right but I pasted this schematic into a test world before building it on my server and it didn't work. Flicking the lever does nothing.

yungweezy 24th Jul 2023 03:13

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