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The Best Iron Farms In Minecraft?

For some resources choosing a farm to build is a minefield, hundreds of designs, copycat channels spamming the youtube search etc… So to help you out this is the first in a series of guides I am writing to help you pick which farms you should build! Bonus all the litematics are available right here on abfielder.com. All these iron farms should work from 1.16+ since iron farm mechanics haven't changed for some time!


Starter Farm

There are two choices of starter iron farms in my opinion, the first one would be IanXOFours Day 1 Iron Farm super simple and fairly efficient at around 320-330 ingots per hour. However just slightly more complex is my very own iron farm which will net you approx 400-420 ingots per hour, it's so good that multiple content creators have stolen the design to do videos on it (horrible people), as well as being simple to build this design is easily expandable to 4 modules without losing any efficiency meaning 1600+ ingots per hour!



Mid Level Farm


Your into the mid game and 4 modules just isn't cutting it any more, let's ramp up to TheySix's design which claims to net 4500 ingots which seems a touch high but then you have to get those clicks, I think a more realistic figure is around the 3800 mark for an 8 module farm that's still a huge amount of iron and it's pretty simple to build as well!



End Game Farm


Quite why you'd need a farm that produces more than 4000 iron ingots I don't know but the designs do exist, I'm going to offer up 3 choices of farm.


  • Gnembon's 9k per hour Iron Farm - It's a little on the large side but then you only need one mob for all that iron and it's a Gnembon design so you just know it's reliable and optimised to hell!
  • NubTech's 11k VUAIF v2 - An absolutely innovative design, my only recommendation is to build yourself a little bedroom with an auto clicker so you can sleep at night, you get a little lag when the villagers try to sleep.
  • Aurigas's 80k Per Hour Iron Farm - If you want to go nuts then this is the design for you, it's likely to be a bit laggy but then you won't need to AFK it for long!




Despite iron farm mechanics barely changing in many years there is quite the choice in farm design, I hope you found this article useful, if you need any more advice then join my discord, link at the top of the page in the header! If you want more great iron farms then check out the rest of the designs here.