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Abcraft - The Ultimate FREE Java SMP

Abfielder runs his very own Minecraft Java SMP and unlike most other youtubers or twitch streamers it's completely free to play on, it's a long term no reset server that's currently been running for over 2 years!

What is abcraft?

Abcraft is a completely free to play on java Minecraft SMP, it's a no reset server that's been running for 2 years now with some absolutely amazing builds! Unlike other big servers we also run on fabric meaning you don't need any mods to play, giving you an amazing almost completely vanilla minecraft experience!

How do I join?

Really simple, join the ab's discord, link in the header of the website, click on the #whitelisting channel and fill out the extensive 3 question form (discord username, minecraft username and a tick box confirming you've read the rules!).

How much does it cost?

Absolutely free, if you can afford to contribute to the running costs of the server then simply join my patreon, in return there are some small perks, your statue in the hall of patreons, your head in the wandering trader datapack and you are allowed to spawn in a single bot to help you run 2D farms or for safety at complex farms inccase of disconnection.

Is Abcraft Modded?

You can join abcraft with a vanilla minecraft client. We run on the lightweight fabric platform and run some mods that help with performance and keeping the server safe. Most players also use fabric on the client and many quality of life mods like Litematica, Inventory Profiles Next, Tweakeroo, etc..

What version of Minecraft is Abcraft on?

Currently 1.20.2, we sometimes skip the minor versions but we will absolutely be heading to 1.21 as soon as the performance mods have been updated!

Who are the admin's and mods of Abcraft?

They're easy to spot but just incase, Abfielder, catch325, Bownhead, Papadraak, SinisterKid, Carnage808, FlutterbySkies, ooKrazy8oo

How Big is the world?

World border is set to 150k, this means you can travel +-75k blocks.

What fabric mods are on the server?

Servux (allows to see structure blocks with minihud, Carpet and CarpetExtra (flippinCactus, Renewable Coral and Accurate Block Placement.

Lithium and Sodium for performance.

Styledchat and styledplayer list.

We also have some data packs. Anti-Enderman & Dragon Grief, More Mob Heads, Silence Mobs, Universal Dying, Dragon Drops (egg and elytra), Armour Status (book in shopping district), Custom Wandering Trader (sells mini blocks and patreon heads), AFK Display, Renewable Cobwebs and Renewable Sponges.