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Ab's Hardcore Episode 4

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Cobblestone Farm 25k Per Hour

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Creeper Farm 1.18 11k Gunpowder

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Get Uploading

26th June

After many, many, many hours programming the upload schematics page has been fixed. Instead of taking me 10 minutes to add an uploaded schematic I can get it done in 30 seconds!

So now I need your help, we have at the time of posting 142 schematics. Let's get that up to 1000! Start uploading! Use the "Upload Schematics" button up top to get started.

Abfielder's New Website

25th June

The new abfielder.com is live, it so far includes a new homepage and new pages for browsing schematics, all hopefully make the website easier to use.

Not just that but these changes allow me to get on with the most important part. Fixing the upload feature so we can go from 136 schematics, to 1000's!

Stay tuned for that update!

World downloads and FAQ's are still the old style page but I will be working on those in the future. As always if you have feedback about the website join the discord and let me know.

Abfielder's Website Updates

Welcome to the new homepage for Abfielder.com! As you can see I'm hard at working creating a brand new website, that is easier to use, kinder on the eyes and actually works ok on a mobile phone as well.

Part 1 of the updates is all about fixing the design issues.

Part 2 will be fixing backend database issues that are limiting the potential of the website.

Part 3 will be all about opening up the new features and making this the best place to go for all minecraft content!


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