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1290 downloads update

23rd June 2021

1000+ downloads is fantastic news. Jenson got some secondary issues from his fight so several more vets visits and lots of medication later he is a lot better now and hopefully allowed back out.

Annoyingly I've come down with either a bad cold or covid, awaiting test results so updates to this website have taken a bit of a back seat. I've got several new schematics to add as well as the new features previously posted about once I feel better.

I've removed advertising from the schematics page, the auto placement was awful. I want the website to pay for itself eventually but it's still got to be a good user expereince. Apologies for the few days where it wasn't.

Lastly if you do join the discord to discuss schematics do so politely, we had a chap come in cursing asking for particular schematics, that's a sure fire way to get yourself banned.

500 downloads and growing

7th June 2021

Wow, 500 downloads, hopefully you're finding the website incrdibly useful, I'd still love to see more of your uploads so don't forget to hit that upload button up top!

I've been a little bit slow on the new features but Jenson (my cat) got into a fight and I ended up with a pretty rough weekend, it's ok though he is on the mend and doing my head in as he isn't allowed out for a few more days yet.

I expect the next set of updates to be towards the end of next week, as I'll obviously be playing 1.17! Still have my youtube content to do as well.

500 Downloads and More Changes

31st May 2021

Pretty sure the last 24 hours have been a record for number of downloads which is fantastic, the site is continuing to grow and more schematics have been added in the last few days.

The bug that caused yesterdays issue has been identified, more code updates coming to resolve it and a host of new features are planned.

  • Some builds have multiple creators, I will be making changes over the next few weeks to accomodate this.
  • A revamped schematics details page, so more info can be displayed, like what versions of minecraft it's compatible with.
  • A report feature so that you can easily let me know any problems with a schematic.
  • A "news" page, so that I only display the latest news here otherwise this page may get a bit long.
  • A revamped upload page, at the moment it's very basic and requires a lot of manual handling from me. This will need to change now more uploads are happening.
  • Lastly the Schematics browsing page is being improved. A beta will be appearing up the top soon so keep an eye out.

As always a big thank you for visiting the page, I hope you're enjoying it and finding it useful. Don't forget to join me at Youtube, Twitter and Discord! Links are up top.

250+ Downloads

30th May 2021

A big thank you to youtube user van schmickle who let me know about some issues with certain schematics, there were a couple of problems. Firstly where the user didn't have a youtube channel it was impossible to download the schematic due to an oversight in the code, now fixed. Secondly a few schematics seem to fail to upload, I have fixed all the broken ones and am looking to make the upload process a little more robust!.

I will be adding a report feature on schematics in the near future but in the meantime if you spot a problem, feel free to comment on a video, tweet me or join the discord to let me know. Thank you.

First User Upload

28th May 2021

I consider this an important milestone, we've had our first user uploads using the upload schematic up the top of the page, they've now been added to the website, including those amazing ships (filter on ships). A big thank you to Hollywood3K for using the feature and I hope more and more of you do to make the schematics section a thriving area!.

A minor change whilst I work on a new schematics page to make it easier to navigate, originally the website was loading up 1920x1080 png's for every schematic before resizing down to 320x180. I have scripted a solution to create 320x180 images that the page now uses. Instead of 400mb of images, the page is now under 5mb. Result should be a much faster loading time!


26th May 2021

100 downloads! Thank you, I hope you're all finding the website incredibly useful. I am still working on new features to make navigating the schematics easier. I've been working on making the homepage more useful today, you'll now see an abfielder featured schematic, the most downloaded schematic on the website and the newest.

Next up is improving the schematics page itself to make viewing schematics easier and quicker to load. It was ok when there were only a handful of schematics but now we're up to 50 schematics it's getting more difficult. The plan is to break it up into more sections. So featured schematics, most popular and newest then the filtering and I'll be working on paging that so you see no more than 25 per page, which should help with page loads times and usability.


25th May 2021

The website has been live for just over 24 hours now and a total of 84 schematic's have been downloaded! So thank you for visiting. Of the features mentioned below, you can now filter the schematics and upload your own. I am currently working to implement the order by feature, I would like to be able to order by the creator, date uploaded and most downloaded to begin with. Search will be one of the last functions added to the schematic section.

We also now have a total of 36 different schematics from some absolutely awesome content creators, I will be aiming to get that up to 50 today and continuing to grow the database. I would absolutely love for you to start using the upload feature and adding your own, they can be anything. Houses, Bases, Terrain, Farms etc... and if you have a youtube or twitch channel then this could be an absolutely fantastic way to get people seeing your content!


24th May 2021

Hello and welcome to Abfielder's new website! If you're here then maybe it's because you've been watching my litematica and tweakeroo youtube videos and you want to find an excellent collection of schematics in the correct format!

Well you are in the right place, hit that schematics button up the top. Don't forget to support the creators of those schematics by subscribing or following them, links to their content are displayed on every page. Some of the farms are complicated and have specific requirements that you need to watch the videos to understand.

As you can imagine a lot of work has gone into this site already but it is day one so features are limited. I am working on adding lots of new features in the near future

  • Filter
  • Upload your own schematics
  • Order Schematics
  • Search

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